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Bum Phillips New Orleans Saints Head Coach 1981-1985

Bum Phillips took over the New Orleans Saints in 1981 after the debacle of the 1980 season. He had coached the Houston Oilers to 2 AFC Championships.
Despite only posting only 27 wins in a 5 year period, Bum was a favorite with fans and players alike. He is also credited with laying the foundation for the "Dome Patrol"..... the legendary linebacking corps of the Saints in late 80s and early 90s. Bum took one of the worst defenses in the NFL at the time and transformed them into a top 5 defense. Bringing on the likes of Bruce Clark and Dennis Winston and drafting such defenders as Rickey Jackson, Frank Warren and Dave Waymer.
As well a defensive players, he is also credited with finding offensive players like Morten Andersen, Bobby Hebert, Hoby Brenner, Stan Brock, Eric Martin and Hokie Gajan.
Many feel that the success of the Mora Years could be traced directly back to his influence.


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