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Tight End Henry Childs of the New Orleans Saints

Henry Childs was originally drafted by the Falcons in 1974 from Kansas State. He joined the Saints during the 1974 season and was a starter by 1976.


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  • Carl Childs on 2016-Jun-03 16:19:04 Carl Childs said

    That's my uncle! He is the best Saint!
  • Phil on 2016-Jun-03 18:08:27 Phil said

    Dude, Are you serious?
  • Ty Monroe on 2016-Jun-06 15:38:42 Ty Monroe said

    He sure is.... Rest peacefully Uncle Sonny!!
  • Phil on 2016-Jun-06 16:22:03 Phil said

    Yes may he rest in peace. I'm sorry for your family's loss.
    I remember watching him as a kid, about 12 year's old. I just thought he was the greatest tight end ever.

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